image ATB Team Members during Layer Up campaign
ATB team members taking part in the "layer up" challenge, part of the ATB Up campaign to promote and raise funds for mental health.

The Greater Good has never been more important

Our unshakeable commitment to helping Albertans through tough times has guided us from the start. That commitment became even more important as the global pandemic and ongoing economic uncertainty impacted communities in unpredictable ways. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts adapted and intensified over the past year to address the challenges created by the pandemic’s impact on our province.

This commitment has evolved into our Greater Good strategy to uplift the well-being of Albertans during the pandemic and beyond. The development of this strategy was guided by a data-driven framework created by the Social Progress Imperative called the Social Progress Index. Our Greater Good strategy focuses on three key elements of the index that were identified as the most pressing challenges facing Albertans:

ESG factors are important to a successful and sustained recovery in Alberta and, along with our Greater Good strategy, are integral to our CSR efforts. We are seeing ESG increasingly incorporated into corporate, investor, and policy decision-making as clients and investors expect a new level of transparency.

We recognize that ATB is in a unique position; we aim to support traditional and renewable industries and become an organization that helps solve major societal challenges, all while operating with exceptional governance.

“Because our Board takes ESG seriously, we have adopted the position that ATB is dedicated to making it possible for our clients, team members, and communities across industries and perspectives,” says Joan Hertz, ATB Board Chair. “In a uniquely Albertan and ATB way, we are committed to ESG principles and creating long-term value through our environmental, social, governance, and economic considerations.” These principles will become an even stronger focus for us as we continue to uplift the financial, economic, and social well-being of Albertans throughout the coming years.

While many of the challenges our clients and communities faced this past year were related to the pandemic, others reflected existing societal inequities and sparked long-overdue conversations about inclusion and equity. While inclusion has long been a key value for ATB, those conversations inspired us to look more closely within our own organization and take action as needed. Our efforts to do better and become active champions of belonging are outlined in a new section of this report dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB).

Chett Matchett, Associate Vice President of Strategy, Operations, and Social Economics, leads our CSR governance and provides direction for all aspects of our corporate citizenship, including strategic alignment of our donations and fundraising to our Greater Good agenda. Chett reports directly to the Chief People Officer. ATB’s Board of Directors reviews CSR policies and procedures to ensure they align with our overall strategy.

Corporate Donations Committee

The Corporate Donations Committee reviews and approves funding for donation requests at the broader organizational level, based on principles and criteria approved by the Board of Directors. Holly Regel, Director of Social Impact Partnerships, chairs the committee, which provides direction and monitors progress for all our social impact partnerships.

Market Donations and Sponsorship Committees

The Corporate Donations Committee guides three Market Donations Committees, which review and approve funding for donation requests at the regional level. A member of the Corporate Donations Committee sits on each Market Committee to ensure a coordinated approach to our giving.

Scorecard Advisory Committee

For more information on this committee, please see About This Report section.