About this report


This is ATB’s third combined annual report and corporate social responsibility (CSR) report. We have combined these reports because we believe that supporting Alberta’s greater good is an intrinsic part of who we are. Within the CSR section of the report, there are five key areas of social responsibility: Economy; Workplace; Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging; Social Impact and Community Initiatives; and Environment. We aim to follow international standards for CSR reporting and recognize that transparency is key to ATB’s long-term sustainability.

ATB operates mainly in Alberta. Our ATB Capital Markets Inc., ATB Capital Markets USA Inc., and ATB Private Equity GP Inc. subsidiaries operate through our Business area of expertise, and ATB Investment Management Inc., ATB Securities Inc., and ATB Insurance Advisors Inc. operate through our Wealth area of expertise.

We have no specific limitations on the scope or boundary of this report. It reflects ATB’s overall performance as well as its significant economic, environmental, and social impacts on Alberta.

Reporting period

All activities described in this report were undertaken within fiscal year 2021 (April 1, 2020–March 31, 2021), unless otherwise noted. This report and its content will be updated in May of each year.

CSR reporting

To develop and present our content in a balanced, transparent, and reasonable way, we have used Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) guidance since our first CSR report 11 years ago. We used the materiality principle to choose significant economic, workplace, inclusion and diversity, community, and environmental topics relevant to our stakeholders. The stakeholder inclusiveness principle helped us to identify our stakeholders and their expectations. All information in this report is presented to show what makes ATB a sustainable, profitable, and responsible steward. It reflects our significant activities in the five areas above. The completeness of the report will enable our stakeholders to accurately assess our performance over the reporting period.

CSR scorecard committee

Our CSR Scorecard Advisory Committee led and guided the development of indicators, targets, and measures within the CSR section of the report. This group represents key areas of ATB such as finance, human resources, environmental sustainability, and brand. The committee chose indicators to measure the results of our efforts within each of the five key CSR areas. Our resulting report showcases ATB’s efforts in CSR for all ATB stakeholders, including our Shareholder and regulator (the Province of Alberta), our team members, and our clients.

To ensure accuracy, members from across the organization also reviewed the data. ATB’s Board-approved Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and our CSR values and commitment, combined with the understanding of fundamental operations at ATB, helped us to focus our efforts.

Scorecard Committee: Javier Cuervo, Noorddin Farishta, Roselle Gonsalves, Logan Hutchinson, Dale Lechelt, Chett Matchett, Holly Regel

Aligning with Global Reporting Initiative

Transparency and accountability are key elements of corporate citizenship. ATB endeavours to align our report with GRI’s guidelines to ensure its completeness and balance.

In the past, we have used GRI’s G4 standard to self-declare core compliance. GRI has updated these standards and we are currently reporting with reference to the updated standards as we work toward a thorough review of the revisions as intended for future use. Our GRI content index can be found at the end of this report.

ATB’s internal reviewer (CSR): Sean Garritty

For questions about the CSR portion of this report, email the Social Impact team at corporategiving@atb.com.